Hey, this is Boomballa.


Hey,我是宋鹏,摩羯座,技术宅,非典型北漂,火影爱好者。多出没于博客微博知乎TwitterGithub 等地带,目前正在修行中。


一些作品和开源软件项目,👉 戳 Github

  • 是的,我在修炼。

Efforts to learn, adhere to exercise,How far the destination of the heart, how far can go

I’m an Operation & DBA. May also become a Developer.

Hi, I am Sung, Peng(宋鹏), or just call me Boomballa. Capricorn, technical house, atypical North drift, Naruto Hobbies. Often appear in BlogweiboZhihuTwitterGithub And so on,Is currently practicing。

I’m an Operations & DBA.I personally prefer the DBA this call, sounds more mysterious, but also special bottom line. So from the operation and maintenance engineers step by step into a DBA, currently working for a well-known Internet financial company.

Some works and open source software projects,(👉 see Github).

  • Yes,i am training.